I have been buying from New Hair System for many years and have always enjoyed it. Professionalism, availability and excellent hair systems.
- Alessandro
It's been a week now and I am wearing my first hair system, and I am very happy !! Nobody has caught me, only someone told me that the new cut is fine but thanks to the naturalness of the hair and the invisibility of the net I don't you see nothing !! You can only see a little shimmer due to the glue that I can hide with a little transparent powder.
- Marco
I have been wearing the hair systen for a week and I feel wonderfully well. I have to acquire a lot more expertise of course, especially with the installation. The hallucinating thing is that it looks like my hair ... Even my hairdresser was stunned, and while he was cutting it to adjust my system and hair, he had a hard time understanding which was mine and which was the system.
- Matteo
I have been wearing NHS systems for 3 years, I use the skin on the sides and back and the lace for the rest. The hair pieces are exceptional and to me they last even 6 months. I highly recommend them, not only for the price but for the absolute quality they have.
- Antonio
What a great convenience to order the stock hair systems ... after just 3 (three) days. It is in your availability.
- Pietro
More than twenty years of hair pieces, I finally feel a sense of freedom and lightness I have never experienced and I confess that I am angry with myself for having lost so much time and so much money, for having let myself be humiliated by that character who provided me and styled the systems , I became addicted to it not knowing who to turn to
- Antonio
I received my first hair system, the product is of excellent quality as is the assistance and professionalism of the company. The quality / price ratio is also excellent.
- Giuseppe
Just finished installing the new stock system. Cropped and I see this all lace is excellent. Tomorrow barber and go. The previous one I put away after 6 months of continuous use but still usable.
- Alberto
After years of suffering I can finally say that I like myself, and for me it is a milestone, because the infamous tire had come to the point of negatively influencing not only my self-esteem and relationship with other people, but also every little aspect. of my life. Now, looking in the mirror, I finally see myself beautiful.
- Chiara
I buy a stock hair piece and go to a recommended hairdresser. After a careful evaluation of my situation we decided how to adapt and integrate the hair piece to my remaining hair which in these 3/4 months had grown quite a lot. Magnificent result .... I seemed rejuvenated by at least 10 years, considering that I am 28 and before I looked at least 35. A week after the first installation, I leave for a two-week vacation. This choice has also been the subject of discussions and actually could have seemed very risky. However, I was on vacation with my partner who knows my situation perfectly, consequently if I had any problems I would not have needed to hide and in the extreme case I would have removed the hair piece and shaved my hair. However, none of this has happened. I did everything as if I had nothing on my mind: swimming in the sea, tanning, showers. I had bought the necessary maintenance products and I did it quietly. It must be said that the base is entirely in film so it is very simple to make, but me I'm still a neophyte and it was my first time, but I had absolutely no problems.
- Luigi
I have a bar and therefore I do not go unnoticed, but they were all speechless complimenting me whatever I did, because some fail to understand and I remain vague. What can I say .... I'm happy
- Monica
I installed the system and had haircut, I must say the result is really beautiful !!!
- Antonio
This morning I went to my hairdresser locked in the salon and finally came out another one. My parents did not believe it could be a hair piece and almost believe me neither! Except that I bought it.
- Giuseppe
This morning I went to my hairdresser locked in the salon and finally came out another person. My parents did not believe it could be a hair piece and almost believe me neither! Except that I bought it.
- Marco
This is a message to those who pass through these parts and are still not convinced to take the step. I have been wearing these systems for more than 10 years, after having spent as many with the tire "on my head, (as we call the product of those who claimed with their slogan of" ... having a wonderful idea in your head ... "we understand each other) . Well, even today, every time I get one of these hair systems, I can't help but feel a great satisfaction for the quality with which they are made and the incredibly natural effect in wearing them. I often think about how this solution has changed my life and allows me to present myself to the world as I wish, to relate to others without embarrassment and all at a reasonable cost, certainly very different from the tens of thousands of eros that I had to shell out. in the years when I had the tire (the effect of which, thinking about it today and looking at the photos of the time, was objectively embarrassing). Ergo ... don't wait. If hair is an important part of your feeling good around others, then this is an almost perfect solution from an aesthetic point of view, manageable in terms of maintenance and sustainable in terms of purchase.
- Gabriele
- Riccardo
I can not wait! Just like I imagined: I found a more pleasant image, I feel really good.
- Gianluca
From last Saturday evening: - I came back to appreciate the fact that I have a natural and "sensible" hair; - to really feel the air in my hair because finally I also feel it on the scalp; -I appreciate the new gen because she is very light, I was used to having a tank on my head .. I'm happy and I fly seriously. - I feel better overall. They may seem like small things, for me they are already a lot.
- Cristiano
Three weeks of sheer sun (never wearing caps or bandanas) of wind, of head dives from the boat, of salt, of showers, of heat, of sweat, of hours in the water, of diving and of the system I have just forgotten .
- Luca