Many retailers boast over ten years or even over twenty years of experience (over twenty years ago the current prostheses did not even exist ...), thus claiming to be among the most expert in the sector.

Often these are occasional dealers or companies that have recently been opened and created exclusively for personal gain.

The New Hair System has officially existed since 2007 and was created only to create a service for users of the Salusmaster forum, unanimously recognized as the most important in Italy (and perhaps also in the world) in the field of hair implants, in which since the dawn of the first new gen plants, the most expert carriers on the subject are confronted and exchanged information and advice even today.

From the union of some of the best users of this forum was born more than 15 years ago (2006) the project to offer prostheses at factory prices for the users of this forum, which materialized with the creation of the New Hair System back in 2007.