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Why are the prices so low compared to the average, does it mean that the product is of poor quality?

Absolutely not. The New Hair System supplies hair systems of excellent quality .

The New Hair System was founded to provide the hair pieces to users of the Salusmaster forum. In fact, the main purpose is not to make a profit but to give a service to the users of this community.

In light of this, does not apply the normal top-ups made by retailers . The income is reduced to the minimum necessary to keep the company alive and is mainly given by the membership fee paid by those who decide to subscribe in order to take advantage of particular services. Those who do not want to subscribe can still buy the pieces without any problem.

Furthermore, the New Hair System does not have to face expenses to maintain centers, employees, etc. because operates exclusively online .

What is an hair system?

The hair system is one of the most widely used systems today to remedy the problem of baldness, also known as non-surgical thickening .

Unlike others such as autotransplantation, drug therapy and the many lotions for topical use on the market, this does not promise in any way to get your lost hair back, but has the undisputed advantage of offering excellent and immediate aesthetic result, rarely obtainable with other solutions.

It consists of a thin base (whether in lace or skin) made following a cast of the area to be covered, to which they are fixed by hand one by one the hair, thus obtaining an extremely natural result. The hair pieces will then be fixed to the skin of the bald or shaved area using special adhesives, or to the surrounding hair through clips.

Unlike other anti-baldness methods, such as the transplant, the hair piece is reversible. So if you don't like it or you don't like it, you can permanently remove it and go back to the way it was before.

What can I do or not do wearing a hair system?

The million dollar question, which arose from the ancient fear of finding ourselves with a toupee in our hand at the first gust of wind and thus being exposed to public mockery.

Well, the answer is: < strong> practically anything .

As common sense suggests, it is a good idea to avoid intense traction on the hair piece whenever possible, but even if intentionally pulled hard it will not detach, allowing you to to face any situation with the utmost tranquility and safety in yourself.

Between one maintenance and the other you can safely take a shower and shampoo and with adequate bonding it will be possible to face sweating in the gym, bathrooms without fear at the sea, soccer matches, dives from a water slide, roller coasters and whatever you can think of.

What are "skin" and "lace" and what advantages or disadvantages do they entail?

The skin consists of a thin layer of polyurethane to which the system hair is individually fixed.
It has the advantage of making the gluing and especially cleaning operations easier and faster. hair pieces compared to lace, but compared to this it offers much less breathability and this can be annoying, especially in the summer months. It offers greater hold than lace and is more resistant, which is why it is suitable for sports enthusiasts, but it is not recommended for the front as the chromatic separation between skin and film is likely to be evident. Furthermore, the need for a cast made ad hoc for the area to be covered, otherwise there will be "bubbles" after gluing.

Today, however, there is a type of skin, called VLoop but also "skin patch" or "Bio patch" whose very thin thickness and its softness allow it to adapt well to any shape of the head and once applied they are imperceptible both to the touch and to the sight.

The lace is a very fine mesh, almost invisible, much more resistant than what you might think at first glance. It disappears in contact with the skin, which is why it is the most used material for the front of the hair pieces, giving an incredible naturalness to the final result. to the sweaters, they are less static and therefore easier to comb according to the taste of the moment. The main disadvantage of lace is that maintenance (removal, cleaning and gluing of the hair piece) is less easy than the skin.

What is the lace front hair system?

The lace front hair system? is a stratagem studied by hair pieces manufacturers to best reconcile the advantages offered by skin and lace, with the aim of optimizing maintenance times: it consists of a 2-3 cm wide strip of skin that follows the perimeter of a lace hair piece for 3/4, leaving only the front portion free. crotch.
Allows you to have a hair piece with the breathability and naturalness of the front offered by lace, having the ease of maintenance of the film along the side and rear perimeter.

How much does it cost me to wear a hair piece?

As a guideline, between hair pieces and products it will cost you around 600-800 Euro per year.
This is obviously an approximate estimate, which varies subjectively based on the number of hair systems purchased, products, etc.

Can anyone understand the contents of the envelope with the system, for example based on the sender?

No. The system is sent in a sealed envelope whose name of the sender does not allow to trace the contents of the same.

How can I subscribe and what are the advantages of the subscription?

Any user who wants to order hair pieces can freely decide to subscribe or not.

The subscription lasts 365 days and costs € 50 for the first year and € 30 for any subsequent renewals.

The subscription does not imply any obligation to purchase a minimum or other, while it gives access to a series of privileges such as participation in customized orders and maintenance products, the possibility of receiving telephone assistance as well as email, to be able to repair worn hair pieces, to meet regional representatives and hairdressers specialized in hair pieces and more.

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